The changes that have taken place over the past few weeks due to COVID-19 have been dramatic for a lot of families.  Some of you may have lost a job, some may be working from home, or some of you are still out in the community working.  However most parents have one thing in common, their children are out of school for the remaining of the school year.  This has put a strain on a lot of families especially those with no other support and who still have to go out to work.  For those that are able to be home with their children you have now taken on the task of being a full time teacher mom, having to teach your children what they would have been learning if they were in school.  This can be difficult because it requires you to have patience and understanding of where your child is on the learning curve.

Explain to your children the current state of the world and express the importance of learning and keeping their brain growing while at home. This will encourage them to take this time seriously.  If they are of a younger age they may think that they are on an extended spring break. In order for your child to continue learn and grow it’s important to have a structured environment.  Develop a daily routine.   Continue to wake them up at a certain time to get dressed, that way they understand that this time is still important.  Set up a work station so that they are doing their work in a certain area every day and they will know that whenever they are in that area it is time to work.  Post a schedule where your child can see it and use timers.  Incorporate breaks in their daily schedule, we all need them.  Give praise and reward your child for all their hard work.

  If you are working from home allow your child to utilize educational apps and YouTube videos while you are working and when you get free time discuss with your child what they learned from doing these assignments.  Use household items for more hands on activities, get creative.   All of these things are essential when it comes to being a successful teacher mom.   

Remember that this is not an adjustment for just you but for your children as well.  They had to leave their school and their friends abruptly without saying goodbye or understanding the reason behind it.  So be patient, we’re in this together.  Reach out to your fellow teacher moms to bounce ideas off of and if you have some tips that others could benefit from leave them below.